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Big Sur Coast Highway
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mini location map2010-05-16
7 by photographer avatarmichaelg
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Big Sur Coast HighwayCentral Coast, CA
Central Coast, CA
Road Biking avatar May 16 2010
Road Biking72.00 Miles
Road Biking72.00 Miles
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Great bike ride up the coast of Big Sur. I loved the Lighthouse, and the Elephant Seal vista where thousand Seals made there home. you can see Sea otters as well. Not much more to explain but it is very beautiful grassland plain with mounbtains to the right of you and the ocean to the left. the wind can be rough at times, but it was a good morning bike ride to get the lungs and heart pumping. the road was quite that day, so there was little danger, but on a busy day I would rather drive this to be avoid being hamburger because someone is looking at the ocean while driving than the road.
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