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Reavis Canyon - AZT #18
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mini location map2010-11-18
9 by photographer avatarMEWhiteman
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Reavis Canyon - AZT #18Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 18 2010
Backpack18.60 Miles 2,100 AEG
Backpack18.60 Miles2 Days         
2,100 ft AEG
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Tom & I backpacked Passage 18, Reavis Canyon, of the Arizona Trail over two days and one night. We started at the Rogers Trough Trailhead and hiked south as this would have the least uphill over the hike. After leaving FR 650 the hiking on trail 509 was downhill with lots of switchbacks and cats claw and mesquite impinging on the trail. In many places the tread went around the thorny bushes. We found one spot where there was a small basin in the rocks containing water before reaching Reavis Canyon Trailhead but I didn't take a GPS waypoint. That was the only water we saw. We carried sufficient water from home for our entire trip (6 liters for me). We couldn't find a decent place to pitch two tents until about 10.25 miles from Rogers Trough. There was a corral off the trail to the west on FR 650. An old road (not FR 650) crossed the trail nearby and allowed us to get to the corral area to camp. Temperatures at night were about 50 so it was comfortable. I was really tired at the end of the day. I hadn't hiked with a backpack since my trip a month ago. I guess I need to get back to doing some day hikes with a full pack between trips to keep in shape. I'm getting to that age where conditioning doesn't last very long.

On day 2 we packed up, had a quick breakfast and hit the trail by 7:45am. For some reason Tom had a lot more energy than on day 1 so he had to keep waiting for me to catch up. We made Picketpost by about 11:15am. Then we had the long trip back to Roger's Trough to retrieve my car. I'm in no hurry to go back to that trailhead although I will when I do the northern section of the ATZ through the Superstitions.

There were some rewarding views driving up to Roger's Trough and on the trail south from there down the hill toward Reavis Canyon. Whitford Canyon was also interesting with reddish rock. I didn't take any pictures there as the sun hadn't penetrated there when we passed through.

Day 1: 10.42 miles to campsite, 1,242' AEG, 5:08 hrs.
Day 2: 8. 37 miles to car, 854' AEG, 3:25 hrs.

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