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mini location map2010-04-07
13 by photographer avatarMEWhiteman
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Boulder Creek TrailPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 07 2010
Hiking12.00 Miles 1,990 AEG
Hiking12.00 Miles   5 Hrs   29 Mns   2.19 mph
1,990 ft AEG
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Did a lasso loop on this. Started at the gate for FR22 in Sunflower. Hiked FR22 to the old trailhead. Found our way to the junction of the Boulder Creek Trail and the Sunflower Trail. This was a little tricky as the area around Sycamore Creek was a mess due to this winter's rain. The GPS track was very helpful here as well as later on. The Boulder Creek Trail from here to the junction where the trail to Boulder Bob's Cabin intersects was easy to follow and fast hiking. After this point there were areas where the trail got lost under all the wildflower growth. We used the GPS track and looked for areas where a trail seemed to be. There were some markers and cairns as well as the footprints of a thru hiker we met going in the other direction to help keep us on or near the trail. We found a tree at about 6.25 miles out for a snack stop and our turnaround point. On the way back we followed the Boulder Bob's Cabin track to FR22 and back to the car along that. At one point on the way back we came across a huge corral with multiple pens. We did a little exploring before resuming the hike. FR22 is really gone as topohiker stated. There was one drop in what used to be the road of about 6 feet where it just eroded away. The creek crossings were not difficult if you just pick your spot.

It was a nice hike. I'll finish the part from FR422 to the tree where we stopped at another time.
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