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Kofa-Ten Ewe, AZ
mini location map2011-01-22
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Kofa-Ten Ewe, AZ 
Kofa-Ten Ewe, AZ
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Oy, got some backlogging to do so I can relive some hikes 50 years from now.

A little wandering around Kofa was the most recent. Rolled in Friday and camped at the end of Queen Mine Rd at the pits. Haven't been getting enough desert nights in's so nice out there. Kofa's perfect because there is pretty much no one there. Palm Canyon gets some traffic and folks camp around that TH, but that's about it. No doubt I was the only one sleeping in Queen Canyon, along with the 4 barn owls. Watched their silhouettes, black on black, make their strafing runs all night. They ate well. Took some star trails, hiked up the canyon a little looking for some nocturnals (none), and shared my dinner with the local mouse. Fell asleep by the fire.

Hiked up a side canyon in the morning with no plan. Just wanted to get up top to play on the ridgelines and peaks. And did so. The lizards were out, but found no snakes. Plenty of cougar sign, but failed to find one. Found 2 dead sheep; one skull. Otherwise just explored nooks and crannies. After consulting the topo when I was done I believe I topped out at Ten Ewe. There were 2 small water holes which was nice to locate. That's about it, great day out there.

And, on the drive out a dude may mention to the hikeaz sticker saying it's a great website, cool.

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