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mini location map2010-09-11
8 by photographer avatarairic
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The SpineGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking9.50 Miles 2,477 AEG
Hiking9.50 Miles
2,477 ft AEG
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Well, the intention was to head to Bonyback, but I kept falling asleep at the wheel en route and decided I didn't feel like a lot of driving today. After a quick nap at Queen Valley and some thoughts on my new destination I decided you can't ever go wrong with The Spine...powerful views up there. So after reading the triplog comments from the previous trip, apologies Chaos.

The hike itself was good as usual. Headed up pretty much the same way. I decided I have to spend a night on the shelf; little wonderland down there. Took the right fork this time at the end. Great views and thoughts about the Gila and all the other wild land down there. I think too I would like to extend this hike out to the Gila one time. Would make it a full day hike. Just amazing up there.

Headed back a different route to get some new exploring in. As soon as I headed off the already off-trail hike I found a deer shed; small. Something cool usually seems to happen on the explores. Solid day.

Standard lizards. Few small birds and quail. 2 zone-tails, good amount of immature tuvus. Wash heading in a real solid wildlife corridor...prints of javelina, coyote, quail, snakes, lizards, mice...seemingly saw everything in there asides from a cat.

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