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mini location map2010-08-14
10 by photographer avatarairic
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East Webber via GeronimoPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 14 2010
Hiking9.60 Miles 1,750 AEG
Hiking9.60 Miles
1,750 ft AEG
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Great spot. No one else out there. I could do without the Geronimo, but so be it. The Geronimo was a pretty silent trail, but upon entering the canopy of the East Weber Trail the animals spoke up. Hummingbirds, whiptails, fence and greater short-horned lizards, deer, a couple elk, trout, goshawk, and a handful of other birds. Real pleasant down along the Webber. The trail becomes heavily overgrown at the last creek crossing before continuing adjacent; at a BSA trail junction. Popped into the creek bed here and had fun bouldering up to the spring. Lots of clean pools packed with trout. I would recommend getting wet here even if the trail was open. Plan an extra 30 minutes. Got my second dose of poison ivy in a month. You can see it pretty clearly and avoid it, I just went to grab an animal. Tends to be a trend with me.
Bracken Fern
Horned Lizard
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Named place
East Webber Creek
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