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mini location map2010-08-15
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Sedona Loop Hike
Sedona Loop Hike
Pinto Creek CanyonGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Canyoneering2.50 Miles 75 AEG
Canyoneering2.50 Miles
75 ft AEG
Canyon Hiking - Non-technical; no rope; easy scrambling; occasional hand use
A - Dry or little water; shallow or avoidable water; no wet/dry suit
II - Normally requires a half day
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1st trip
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The canyon stats above are general. I say the water is between A and B. Time could be a couple hours up to a day depending on how far in you go.

Sweet little spot. A small, lush riparian zone(little tamarisk), into a slot, and then opens up as more canyons/creeks join. Traveled another 45 minutes beyond the hike description and found my first Sonora mud turtle in the wild. No swimming required, but easy to get as wet as you'd like on a 100+ day. It was a winner. Between this as Webber over the weekend I was quite happy with my creek traversing. Two different habitats, one common characteristic...awesome. Canyon tree frog, sunfish, Sonora mud turtle, heard an eagle, unID raptor, bunch of birds, and fresh deer tracks I could never catch up to.

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