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Moody Point Ruins via Deep Creek TR#128
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mini location map2010-09-25
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Moody Point Ruins via Deep Creek TR#128Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking12.80 Miles 3,927 AEG
Hiking12.80 Miles
3,927 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Camino Campana Trail
Camino Campana Trail
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Real good hike with the trail to ourselves. Though that isn't a surprise as the trail looks lightly used by humans. The areas where the trail faded a steady eye will locate the cairns fairly easily. Though, in some areas, as the description notes, they are below the grass. It is still not too bad to follow as game use it often. The only change I would recommend is in leaving the ruins. We saw no reason to hike back down and up again via the trail. If you're ok with a little scrambling and minor climbing, just follow the cliff west. You'll be able to pick your way through the brush and climb a few rocks to have yourself right back on the plateau. We popped up near a juniper that you'll pass on your hike out, a touch before the saddle you skirt before heading down. There's a cairn nearby. From that tree you could head southeast down the cliff to get to the ruins as well.

The ruins were real pleasant. As amazing as Chaco and others are, I always prefer to sit quietly at the undeveloped ruins far from easy human access. Quite a spot these guys had, sweet views. Had a pleasant chill here. Remaining timbers in nice shape. The site was surveyed in '89 and '98 and it's suggested there were 2 stories in some spots.

Great day animal-wise. Two black-tailed rattlers right off the bat. In all my years this was the first time one took a strike at me. Slow suckers. The trail was made out of dirt and bear scat. Not sure I've seen this much on a trail. After finding some prints on the hike in I knew it was only a matter of time. We left the ruins around 4ish, setting ourselves up for prime animal time. Sure enough a few hundred yards in front of us a blackie was moseying around a meadow munching. Usually stumble on bears within 20-30 yards, so this was real nice to sit back for a half hour and watch her do her thing. Superb. Coachwhip, dead gophersnake, heard but didn't see a deer, and a steady dose of bats escorting us out once the sun was down. No raptors, not even a vulture. Few lizards, horned at the TH. FR 203A on the drive out had at least a dozen nighthawks sitting pleasantly. If the rocks and death drop don't keep you driving slow, the nighthawks will.

Great day/night overall. Sierra Anchas may be my favorite range for rugged and remote hikes filled with mystery. Not sure I've ever left them without finding bear/cougar sign or seeing one or seeing a seldom visited ruin. Awesome part of the state.
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