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Arrastra Moutain Wilderness, AZ
mini location map2011-02-06
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Arrastra Moutain Wilderness, AZ 
Arrastra Moutain Wilderness, AZ
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After many delays of rummaging around the largest Wilderness in the state I finally made it out there. No trails in there, just washes and cattle/burro trails to use...and shortcuts over mountains. Parked on 17 Mile Rd and struck south up and over ridges until I found a good approach to flat-topped Signal Mountain. Found some lithics on the northern end...will check AZSITE this week to see if there's a site up there. Wouldn't surprise me with its commanding views and being surrounded by washes at its base. Hiked across the top to the southern edge to eat. Dropped down the mountain here, tip-toed the scree, and more or less tumbled into Hackberry Wash. South it connects into Big Sandy, north it takes me back somewhat where I need to end up. Went north and real cool. The wash tightened up into a nice, unexpected, well...tight canyon. Maybe 8 feet across, 30 feet high. A lot of crannies to explore and found a lot of staining on the rocks from bats and pile after pile of guano. The overhangs were more exposed than I would have thought for them, but cool. Probably night roost. Something to check out come spring. Also found a dead that means I now have a chuckwalla skull. Took the whole guy and if I have time would like to clean him up and put all his bones back together. Nice bit of cougar logs too. No luck seeing one though. From there I kept to as many washes as possible to get out of there. When I finally popped up on a ridge to cut north I was due south of car...who needs maps.

Plenty of spots to come back and explore here.
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