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Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge
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mini location map2011-03-19
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Great Bay National Wildlife RefugeSeacoast Region, NH
Seacoast Region, NH
Hiking avatar Mar 19 2011
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Great Bay NWR is about as off the beaten path as one could possibly get in southern New Hampshire...

The refuge is partially-located on a former military weapons storage base not too far from the airport that services the town of Portsmouth. There are two main trails. The shorter is the .5 mile Peverly Pond Trail which is a boardwalk hike that took me to a bird viewing blind along the shores of a frozen lake.

The second, and more scenic trail is the 2.5 mile Ferry Way trail, which looped around meadows, beaver ponds and an apple orchard en route to a quiet overlook on New Hampshire's Great Bay. Bald Eagles have been sighted in the area. I didn't see any on my trip but I did encounter cardinals, blue jays and woodpeckers.
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