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mini location map2011-02-14
9 by photographer avatarCharger55
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Twin ArchesPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 14 2011
Hiking9.00 Miles 676 AEG
Hiking9.00 Miles   6 Hrs   15 Mns   1.44 mph
676 ft AEG
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More fun in the Goldfields! I did a figure-8 hike that was part cross country, part bushwhack and part well-travelled jeep roads.

From the parking area just beyond mm202 I headed west to scope out the Golden Hillside Area. Not much doing here. A lot of garbage, some old building foundations and shotgun shells aplenty. So it was cross country in a northwest direction, dropping out to where FR1356 meets the Packsaddle Trail.

Continuing west on FR1356 (Rock House Trail) I spotted a red-tailed hawk perched atop a saguaro. He was just patient enough to let me snap some photos. I also saw my first butterflies of the season.

After crossing Orohai Wash I ran into another group of hikers who were scouring the hillside looking for Echo Arch. Having never been to this area of the Goldfields before I wasn't much help. I knew there were arches in the hills, but I wasn't sure where and didn't know what they were called.

Moving on I spotted some contractor ties leading the way up the slope. I figured they would either take me to the summit or to the arches. Turns out they led to the arches. The arches are next to each other but they sit at a perpendicular angle so photographing them together is difficult. Eventually the group of hikers I passed caught up with me at the arches. They explained that the arch you can see through is Echo Arch. I don't recall the name of the one higher up on the cliff. I'll have to consult the Tenny book when I get a chance.

After taking some photgraphs and bidding my fellow hikers adieu I bushwhacked my way down the wash behind Peaks 2726 & 2488. Bad idea! It's beyond overgrown and my legs are pretty scarred up because of it. That emptied out into Orohai Wash which I used to connect back to FR1356. I came back the easy, albeit unscenic way - via the Rock House and Tomohawk Mine trails.
Desert Rue
Natural Arch
"I've driven across deserts, driven by the irony, that only being shackled to the road could ever I be free"
- Frank Turner "The Road"
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