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La Verkin Creek - Kolob Arch
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mini location map2011-10-09
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La Verkin Creek - Kolob ArchSouthwest, UT
Southwest, UT
Backpack13.80 Miles 1,750 AEG
Backpack13.80 Miles2 Days         
1,750 ft AEG
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1st trip
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ABC backpack following 1 night stay at Watchman Campground.

We packed up as quietly as possible early on Sunday morning, planning to get organized at the TH. Got to stop at Cafe Soleil in Springdale for a fantastic breakfast and coffee. Then the gang all met up at the Visitor center to check in before heading to the Lee Pass TH on Kolob Canyon Rd. We then had to spend a good 30 minutes getting our packs organized before taking the obligatory group pic and then heading down the trail.

It was an awesome morning with the crisp feeling of fall in the air. There was just a touch of fall color throughout this riparian zone and a layer of frost in the heavily shaded sections. Morning light also does wonderful things to the grasses in the small meadows along this trail. I really enjoyed the first part of this hike. Timber Creek was running, there were aspens, oaks, cottonwoods, Ponderosa, juniper, grasses, alders, and the occasional small maple to enjoy. The red rock buttes towered over the trail to the west and the play of light was constantly changing as the sun rose. We crossed Timber creek a number of times, but the crossings were all easily done without getting our feet wet. The trail left Timber Creek and we climbed up to a high point with views of the La Verkin Creek Valley. We quickly descended to the intersection with La Verkin Creek. The sandy trail follows the north side of the creek and passes the signed campsites. La Verkin was flowing nicely, but not very high. There were many places where it could have been crossed without getting soggy shoes. Our campsite was #11,and it is a group site, nicely situated near the spur trail that leads to Kolob Arch. We set up camp (there are plenty of spots for a few hammocks) and relaxed for a few minutes before heading up Icebox Canyon to peep at the arch. We made it to the "offical" viewing point and then did the scramble for a better view. Really liked Icebox Canyon. It's more of a scramble and the water was flowing there, too. More maples in this chilly canyon, but still not much color to be seen. Once we were done lounging in sight of the arch, we headed back to camp and spent the rest of the evening enjoying the light on the surrounding buttes and cooking up a feast of tacos with yummy fixings. Had a great time chatting with the other hikers.

Temps got down to around 35 Sunday night and I was toasty warm with my 2 UQ rig. Used a summer UQ for my legs and feet and a 3 season for my torso. Tyler had the 0 degree full length quilt and was apparently comfortable, as well, judging from the occasional

Monday morning we got a bit of a late start, but were out on the trail by 9am. Tyler and I were the last to leave camp but we caught up with the rest of the group with about a mile to go until the trailhead. We were at the cars by a little after noon. Everyone was ready to start the long drive home by then, so we packed up the vehicles and started the journey. Of course, we stopped and had a great lunch and coffee at Cafe Soleil in Springdale. :D
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Autumn Foliage Observation Light
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In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. ~John Muir

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