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Pueblo Creek
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mini location map2014-05-31
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Marikina riverside bike trail | For...
Marikina riverside bike trail | Former animal trail to Bayan Marikina | Michael's Hut
Pueblo CreekSouthwest, NM
Southwest, NM
Backpack8.50 Miles 1,083 AEG
Backpack8.50 Miles2 Days         
1,083 ft AEG
1st trip
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Exploring another area of the Blue Range. Tyler and I enjoyed this quick, easy trip. WS Mountain trail starts at Pueblo Park, follows Pueblo Creek into the wilderness, and continues on past the confluence where we stopped. The temps were a bit warm, so I'd think April/early May or Fall would be better. The hiking was easy, and the several water crossings we passed were dry at this time. Water showed up in pools occasionally along the trail and was running where we camped. Pueblo Park Campground was completely deserted, but it looks like a really nice basecamp. The hike we did could definitely be done as a dayhike. Two trucks of Forest Service firefighters did stop and chat with us as we were getting ready at the trailhead. They asked if we'd seen anyone else, how long we were planning to be out, and if we knew about the fire restrictions, then went on their way.
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In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. ~John Muir

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