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mini location map2011-12-05
2 by photographer avatarWilliamnWendi
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Reach 11 Recreation AreaPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 05 2011
Hiking3.00 Miles 10 AEG
Hiking3.00 Miles   1 Hour      3.00 mph
10 ft AEG
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This was our 100th HAZ hike. It was supposed to happen yesterday and it was supposed to be an epic adventure up Carney Springs to Robber's Roost. Instead we found ourselves coming to grips with having to put another one of our long loved cats to sleep. We had not even got used to the loss of Sylvester a month ago. So this hike was spent remembering all the happy times we had with Cody which was easy because they was almost nothing bad to say about him. He was there sleeping beside us when we woke up in the morning. There for the morning shower, bathing himself just outside the sliding glass door though he would leave if I started to sing. He was there to count out pushups for me and there for the cool-down lap on the treadmill for Wendi. He was there at breakfast, there at dinner. There for a belly-rub while watching TV at night. There for Wendi's after hike bubble baths. He was there for a party, he'd be the first to introduce himself, if there was a bratty kid he'd always take one for the team while the rest of the cats hid, he loved people, loved attention. Wore the miniature party favor hats, and wore them with style. He always filled a room, filled a quick moment, filled our hearts, filled our home, he will be sorely missed.
The Tree of Understanding, dazzling, straight, and simple, sprouts by the spring called Now I Get It. - Wislawa Szymborska, "Utopia"

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