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Flatiron Hike - Superstitions
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mini location map2011-12-26
15 by photographer avatarWilliamnWendi
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Flatiron Hike - SuperstitionsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 26 2011
Hiking7.70 Miles 2,780 AEG
Hiking7.70 Miles   7 Hrs   30 Mns   1.18 mph
2,780 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
 no routes
This is our annual abuse ourselves hike. It's the hike we do so that when times are tuff and all is near lost we can say at least it's not Flatiron. If things weren't hard enough Wendi made an executive decision to start from the Cholla TH which would (when all would be said and done) an extra mile using the Jacob's Crosscut. Then I decided might as well hike up to Prospectors, I am not yet sure about mileage but it definitely adds to the AEG.

Finally on Siphon Draw a lot of things were the same, but the trail seemed a little different. I have the trail memorized by the body contortions required to navigate the various obstacles. Some I didn't use at all and others I had to adapt new ones. The things that didn't change: Always somebody getting piggy-backed down, always follow a trail of blood on the way down, always hear the phrase "Did we come up this?!", always somebody reduced the butt slide coming down Siphon.

A unique one for this hike was somebody getting dragged up(!) the trail. Looked like a family of some sort. One of the girls had some apparent challenges but she had some pretty willing attendees to drag her over any obstacles. None of them appeared to have hiked this before and were asking questions about where this hike leads...I pointed to Flatiron from where we stood at the top of Siphon. It loomed impossibly high over the top of us, "There" I said, hoping that he might reconsider dragging this girl any further. "There" he said with obvious signs that he was indeed considering his options. I said it looks impossible from here but it is NOT easy.

We continued on past them. We made it to the top and had our lunch well shy of the tip of Flatiron which was pretty crowded. We watched as folks climbed up to the where the crash site was, get their photos taken amidst the black sodden wall. It seemed wrong to both of us. Just as we were getting up from lunch I noticed the group that had been dragging the girl summitted but without her. I wasn't too surprised and then one of the group pointed her out just breaking out on to the saddle. Sure enough she made it. Good for her.

We went over to the south side of Flatiron to check out what I thought might be part of the ridge line trail. In a bush near the cliff I found a Cache. Among the various things inside the blue plastic coffee container was what looked like a part of the wreckage. I wasn't shocked but I knew I should be.

After that we headed back towards the saddle. Failing to talk Wendi in summitting Peak 5027 we were set to head back down. As luck would have it though the down trail was backed up again. Wendi opted to let me hike to the summit while we were waiting. To be honest nothing can compete with standing at Flatiron's sheer cliffs and breath taking views but I did find the trail to 5027 itself to be a fun little diversion. Whoever laid the trail out had some fun. I enjoyed climbing through the boulder tunnels and the maze of beargrass.

Ultimately we have definitely have improved our physical condition. In years passed we were definitely beaten and exhausted nearly to the point quitting. This time however though still in pain we never did consider quitting.

Till next year, my dear Flatiron.
The Tree of Understanding, dazzling, straight, and simple, sprouts by the spring called Now I Get It. - Wislawa Szymborska, "Utopia"

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