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Robbers Roost - Superstitions
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mini location map2011-12-11
11 by photographer avatarWilliamnWendi
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Robbers Roost - SuperstitionsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 11 2011
Hiking7.50 Miles 2,500 AEG
Hiking7.50 Miles   6 Hrs   20 Mns   1.34 mph
2,500 ft AEG      45 Mns Break
1st trip
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This was supposed to be the hike we were going to do for our HAZ 100 but it ended up being 101 instead. It was supposed to be an epic challenge to test us physically and mentally but it was none of that. I guess I was expecting more from the Carney Spring portion but I think the part that is 3 Camelbacks, outdoing Flatiron must be the next half of the hike towards Peak 5057. Don't get me wrong Carney springs was a real huffer. We took a breather once we got to the top and saw out first signs of wildlife, a couple of blue jays bouncing around the rocks.

We found the trail from there and truthfully the trail was really well cairned and getting lost hardly seemed possible, if you have a map any ways. There were a few trails that extended to the north prematurely that were cairned but we stuck to the map and the hike description making a concerted effort not to use the Garmin. Wendi spotted the trail a couple of times so it was true team effort.

The description read after crossing the flat area at the top of the wash to start looking for a green striped wall and then down to the Roost from there. I would probably insert after crossing the flat area and descending an open area east...then look for the green striped wall. Otherwise trail description was spot on.

Robbers Roost is a truly special little place and after 2 years of wanting to this hike it did not disappoint. It was a little bit of a maze trying to get to all the "Go to" spots but we made it to all of them.

The trail from the Roost to Fremont Saddle was actually the hardest to follow...It almost seemed like there was an attempt hide the trail in fact. There was a ridiculous amount of Agave Stalks to maneuver. It seemed to take forever to drop down to the Fremont but eventually we made it.

We opted to take the Peralta down instead of the Cave Trail since we did that not long ago and figured we would get different perspective of the Peralta. Which we did but soon started to feel like the 51 at rush hour. We came to the back of a long line of hikers and it was impossible to tell who was with who. All we could do was fall in line and hope we made it out before dark which was prolly a good 3 hours away. Other hikers started to fall in behind us and the whole thing became kind of ridiculous. The leader of the main group in front of us was a talker and unusually large for a hiker but she kept on moving and talking and talking. Her group seemed content to listen and ask questions. Finally they pulled over and let everyone pass...I think we will take the Cave Trail next time.

We took the dirt road back to the Carney TH. Not the best finish to what was otherwise an excellent hike. Robbers Roost did not disappoint. Happy 100...and 1!
The Tree of Understanding, dazzling, straight, and simple, sprouts by the spring called Now I Get It. - Wislawa Szymborska, "Utopia"

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