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Slate Trail - CCRP
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mini location map2011-11-20
9 by photographer avatarWilliamnWendi
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Slate Trail - CCRPPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 20 2011
Hiking5.80 Miles
Hiking5.80 Miles   3 Hrs      1.93 mph
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We went to an open house at the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and needed to get some hike mileage close to home. So we decided on Go-John and some recon work on a State Trust hike I am considering for the future (Permit needed, advice appreciated). After seeing cute little burrowing owls (really cute!) and being awed by Golden Eagles and impressed by Bald ones we made our way to the Cave Creek Regional Park and found our favorite picnic spot over looking
the Slate Trail and changed our minds. It had been awhile since we did the Flume Trail and on the day we did it was hot one, so we never felt like we fully appreciated it.

We planned a hike to where the rail leaves the park and quickly enters back in 30ft later after becoming part of a small preserve. Not sure what it is all about but it is a small area that is part of Cave Creek Wash area. Not exciting really but perhaps spring time when Cave Creek is really running is the best time.

We decided to include the last most eastern part of the Slate Trail. It's only .6 miles past the intersection with the Flume so we never really considered it. Honestly this was a hidden gem. The trail is unique and this half of the trail is where it really claims it's name. I am at a loss to explain the texture of the trail itself. Imagine a landscape of slate shingles... can't explain it you'll just have to see it. Whatever is happening the Barrel Cactus love it here. We found a couple that had to be 6' tall. I took a picture of Wendi next to one and at 5'4" she is dwarfed by a Barrel! If you're a cyclist this trail would be amazing I would expect, traction on this rugged terrain must be amazing. Our map said that we needed a permit to go beyond the park boundaries so we stopped at sign indicated park boundaries but unlike other areas there was no sign warning about the need for permits. We erred on the side of not paying a fine and turned around.

At .8 miles down the Slate trail we were excited to see a new trail being built. A barrier was erected and asked that the trail not be used until it was completed. From the look of it I suspect that it is going to connect with the Go-John or perhaps make a lasso with the other end of the Slate. Stay tuned for that.
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