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Star Hill
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mini location map2013-01-01
5 by photographer avatarcharlieaz
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Star HillCentral, WY
Central, WY
Hiking avatar Jan 01 2013
Hiking1.20 Miles 650 AEG
Hiking1.20 Miles
650 ft AEG
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1st trip
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It's been years since I've done this hike. This time was quite a bit different than the past experiences because there was 2-4 feet of snow. I started on the service road but couldn't find the trail or the star on the side of the hill because of the snow covering the mountain. I just ascended the mountain the best I remember and then continued on up to the top of the first saddle which is well above where the star rests. It was a breathtaking view of the lower valley. It was snowing and about 15 degrees. On the decent I just went down the hill instead of retracing my steps. I saw quite a few mule deer on the hike.
Named place
Named place
Afton Star Hill
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