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Philmont Trek
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mini location map2013-06-29
18 by photographer avatarcharlieaz
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Philmont TrekNortheast, NM
Northeast, NM
Backpack avatar Jun 29 2013
Backpack72.00 Miles
Backpack72.00 Miles10 Days         
47 LBS Pack
1st trip
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This trip was amazing! I had a wonderful time as did the boys in my crew. Expedition 629-T-1, Itinerary 8. Base Camp, Lovers Leep, Urraca, Carson Meadows, Agua Fria, Crooked Creek, Mt Phillips, Sawmill, Ute Springs, Clarks Fork, Tooth of Time and back to Base Camp. Enjoyed Team Building, Search and Rescue, Fly Fishing, Black Powder and 30.06 shooting, Horse Rides and tons of other fun activities.

Down side is rain every day, sometimes in buckets and good sized hail on Mt Philips - we learned real quick how to backpack in the wet.

Spectacular scenery and the Philmont staff were exceptional.
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