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Zion NarrowsSouthwest, UT
Southwest, UT
Canyoneering avatar Jun 25 2014
Canyoneering17.00 Miles 1,865 AEG
Canyoneering17.00 Miles2 Days         
1,865 ft AEG
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This was the highlight of our week-long stay in Zion NP. We secured an online permit to stay overnight in the narrows at campsite #12 which is just around the corner from Big Springs. When we do it again we’ll probably choose a campsite a little further upstream. The 11 mile first day was a bit challenging with our packs, even though they were lighter than usual. We secured passage to the trailhead via one of the local shuttle services (about $35/person). We already had good water shoes and decided to invest in some neoprene socks at Sportsman Warehouse for $20 a pair. Well worth the money!

The Virgin River water level was really low. I expected it to be low since it was late June, but it could hardly be called a river when we did this hike. In fact, just before we reached Deep Creek it was all but dried up. But Deep Creek was a roaring river.

The first day we only saw a couple of people in the canyon. They were on the same shuttle as us driving up to the trailhead. Other than that the canyon was ours. The solitude was great and I guess the silver lining in the low water level was it was fairly easy going.

The advantage of being in campsite #12 is that day two means only 5 miles to go. We were visited by park rangers early in the morning on day two and another couple of hikers after that who apparently didn’t know or care that Big Springs is the stopping point for those coming from the bottom.

The first half of the second day was my favorite part of the hike. There was lots of water, beautiful canyon walls and few people. But as we closed in on the end of the hike the massive number of people coming from the bottom up surprised me . . . and I was expecting a lot of people.

This was a spectacular hike filled with a lot of adventure and fun, beauty and serenity. The night in the canyon was so peaceful listening to the birds and running water while I dozed off in my hammock. There were swimming holes everywhere; one right next to camp. The temperature was perfect. I didn’t even need my sleeping bag most of the night.
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The Narrows
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