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mini location map2014-06-24
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Angel's LandingSouthwest, UT
Southwest, UT
Hiking avatar Jun 24 2014
Hiking5.00 Miles 1,700 AEG
Hiking5.00 Miles
1,700 ft AEG
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My wife and I caught the first free park shuttle of the morning (6:00 am) along with about 40 others. We wanted to beat the sun and crowds. The temp in the park the day before was 102 F and 40 hikers is nothing compared to the masses of people expected to converge on the hike as busload after busload would empty onto the trail every 30 minutes or less.

I loved this hike. I found the physical and mental challenges of the hike really enjoyable. It’s nothing like Half Dome but a really fun hike, nonetheless.

We had shade all the way to Scouts Lookout and a good portion for the rest of the way to the top. There were probably 10 to 15 hikers at the top when we arrived so we were able to find a place to hang our feet over the edge, fight off the mini-bears and enjoy a snack.

I would guess we passed about 10 hikers as we descended the portion of the trail with chains. But as expected, as we closed in on the end of the hike the volume of hikers we passed seemed to double at each turn.

Do it! But do it early!
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