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Cline Creek Ruins
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mini location map2013-01-06
13 by photographer avatarEartheist
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Cline Creek RuinsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 06 2013
Hiking9.00 Miles 1,129 AEG
Hiking9.00 Miles   5 Hrs      1.80 mph
1,129 ft AEG
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I'm not sure the names of the trails we took on this hike, and the Cline Creek Ruins is the only currently posted trail listed for this area, so I'll post my log here, for lack of a better place. The description entered by cabel seems to be just to the summit of a small pointy peak about 2 miles from the 12th st trailhead. The trip was listed as 8.5 miles and over 2k AEG, but when we got to the pointy mountain in 2 miles and about 800ft gain, we figured something was missing. We were prepared for 8 miles, so we explored after hitting the top of the pointy peak, and ended up doing about 9 miles all together. I'd call this Cline Creek Loop if I had to name it.

The trailhead was easy enough to find; a very small parking spot at the dead end of a residential road. You walk through the gate and walk a jeep trail though a forest of tall cholla. It's not exciting, but it's quiet and there was no one else around. It does look like a popular spot for bikes and ATVs though. We followed cabel's direction and headed for the small pointy peak ahead on the left. About a mile in, it finally starts to climb, but only gradually, and it's not until you get to the bottom of the pointy hill itself does it get steep. And it does get very steep, finally got the heart pumping scrambling up to the top. The ruins at the top were very cool. Rock walls and potsherds galore. There were several petroglyphs on the rock faces, but I guessed only a few were actually done by the Hohokam, most were likely modern vandalism. But even that was minimal; it didn't spoil the neatness of the place too bad.
From there, we hiked down and then east across the valley to the mountain on the other side. We weren't sure what we'd find, but we could make out parts of trails around it so we thought it would be interesting, and add to the day, since the ruin peak only took barely a couple hours. We followed the jeep trail east across the valley and came to a fork, where we had to decide whether to go around the north side or the south side of the mountain, whose name I'm still not sure of, despite numerous attempts of internet research. We were trying to find a trail that might lead us to the top. We decided to go left/north, and figured if nothing else, we'd go all the way around and make a nice loop hike out of it. We never did find a trail to the top, though we did see one hiker just bushwhacking up to the top on the west side of the face. We decided to keep going and see if there was an easier one on the other side. The hike around was nice: it was quiet, easy trail to follow for the most part, made easier with the cairns laid out every so often. After coming around the north side of the mountain, we came to a large clearing with just a few chollas and no way to spot the trail. No cairns to see here, though we might have just missed them. But since we knew the general direction we had to go, we just walked and eventually came to a dry creek bed, where we spotted horseshoe tracks leading the way we needed to go, so we followed the prints, which took us along the dry creek, pretty much all the way back to civilization. Or at least back to the jeep trail that we followed back to the trailhead. This creek bed is Cline Creek, I later found out, and it comes down out from Black Mesa area and runs southwest, meeting up with Skunk Creek. Cline Well is also somewhere in Cline Creek, right around where the creek meets the residential fence.
The only water we saw were tiny puddles left from a recent rain, and the only wildlife were one lone coyote running up the dry creek and a large white bird, that we think was an owl, that we startled out of a tree.
Overall, I nice easy hike. Next time we'll go for the top of whatever mountain that was we circled around, where someone told us has more ruins on the top. This would also be a fantastic hike in the spring with some running water and the wildflowers in bloom.

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