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Romero Canyon Pools
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Romero Canyon PoolsTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 27 2001
Hiking5.60 Miles 1,450 AEG
Hiking5.60 Miles
1,450 ft AEG
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SAHC - Group
This hike was part of the activities associated with SAHC's annual winter picnic...2001 style. It is probably the most popular of their social events, most of the time being held at Catalina State Park. I joined the group back in 1990 and had been to one other of these back in 1991. I made a decision to get into hiking more seriously in 2001, so back I went to see some old friends and make new ones. The routine is to have several hikes offered in the morning, with food being served after 2 PM when the various hikers and non-hikers converge. One of the traditional hikes offered is Sabino Canyon to Catalina SP for the folks who want a serious workout. The idea is they start real early and get to the park in the afternoon VERY hungry! After chowing down and socializing, awards are given out for various accomplishments, etc, before things wrap up for the day. Some years are nicer than others weatherwise, but the event goes on no matter what. This one happened to take place in the middle of a pretty significant storm. This made for concern for the hikers coming from Sabino Canyon, some in their 70's! :scared: They got back later than usual, but all returned safely. I hiked up to the pools with the Olson's and Erika Hartz, whose husband Earl was one of those doing the long hike over Romero Pass. Seeing what we did just going to the pools made her anxious about Earl, but we liked the happy ending later in the day. :)

Wet, cold, and wild sums it up pretty well. :o Brrr!

Water report? Yeah, there was plenty around for sure! :lol:
Onward into oblivion!
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