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The Loch & Timberline Falls RMNP, CO
mini location map2013-08-24
4 by photographer avatarMike_Fels
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The Loch & Timberline Falls RMNP, CO 
The Loch & Timberline Falls RMNP, CO
Hiking avatar Aug 24 2013
Hiking9.50 Miles 1,814 AEG
Hiking9.50 Miles
1,814 ft AEG
 no routes
1st trip
Day 4
Trailhead elevation = 9,475‘ Max experienced elevation = 10,697’
Merlin and I started with the plan to hike to a lake named Sky Pond. As usual after the breakfast at Mickey D’s we hit the trailhead at about sunrise.

Our trail went past Alberta Falls and Glacier Gorge. We passed on the banks of a nice lake named The Loch. Then broke out above the timberline just below a falls named Timberline Falls. Who says the people naming these features don’t have an imagination.

Shortly before our objective the trail ends up going up just to the right of Timberline Falls. Most of the time there isn’t a problem, but on our hike there had been enough rain lately that the trail itself was a waterfalls. Maybe if we had been wearing Teva’s... but getting our boots filled with 32 degree water just didn’t sound appetizing. Then coming down would have been even more difficult. So we called the falls the end of the hike.

We ran into a family of about a dozen wild turkeys. Saw a marmot and several pikas on the rip. As usual chipmunks and squirrels we all over the hike.
Named place
Named place
The Loch Timberline Falls
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