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Marsh Valley Loop
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mini location map2013-10-30
18 by photographer avatarMike_Fels
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Marsh Valley LoopPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 30 2013
Hiking18.02 Miles 2,847 AEG
Hiking18.02 Miles   8 Hrs   26 Mns   2.42 mph
2,847 ft AEG      59 Mns Break
 no routes
Being such a beautiful day I figured I needed to do a hike. Also figured that maybe there would be some fall colors in Marsh Valley. So I hit the TH at about 6:15. The car showed the temperature to be 39 degrees. Lots of clouds, but enough breaks to let the light from the approaching sunrise filter through.

Second water trail had nothing special. Other than a nice sunrise. Watching the sun slowly spread down the surrounding peaks.

Boulder canyon was full of wildflowers. Especially a small bush full of a bright red trumpet flower. All along the canyon were these islands of red. Much more colorful than I remember ever seeing before. In places there were signs of a small flow of water. The Boulder Canyon Trail was pretty choked with bushes and cacti that had filled in during a summer of little use. Many times I wished I had had a machete to do some cleaning out of this clutter.

The Calvary trail was clogged even worse. Again I wished for a machete. Sure enough all along the La Barge were trees that had changed colors. The aspen were still green but others were yellow and orange.

Even the portion of the Dutchman was clogged. Sometimes with a cholla on one side of the trail and a prickly pear from the other side that almost touched. Even worse were the chollas hidden in other brush so that as my leg brushed past the cholla would attack.

To change up the hike I decided to switch over to the Bull Pass trail so I could go to the top of Black Mesa to look for the spanish petroglyphs. Found a t-shirt hanging from a catclaw probably snatched from the pack of an unsuspecting hiker. Searched all over the black rocks, couldn't find them. There was an AE 75 but nothing spanish. What there was were a batch of beautiful views. Looking down on Palomino Mtn and the Peralta trail. A fantastic view of Bluff Spring Mtn. It had been years since I had been up here. 40 whacks with a machete would have helped this trail also. There are many places were hikers are staring secondary trails to go around the snags.

So to further change up the hike I figured I'd return by going back up Black Mesa trail to get back to the Second Water trail. It was getting on to 3 by the time I was back in my car. The temperature was 68 degrees. Still pretty nice, but the sun was fairly intense. There had been no wildlife other than some quail and lizards. No people either, the only one I saw was when I was within a quarter of a mile of the TH.
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