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Peacock Pool Chasm Lake & Eugenia Mine, CO
mini location map2013-08-27
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Peacock Pool Chasm Lake & Eugenia Mine, CO 
Peacock Pool Chasm Lake & Eugenia Mine, CO
Hiking avatar Aug 27 2013
Hiking11.55 Miles 2,880 AEG
Hiking11.55 Miles
2,880 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Day 7
Trailhead elevation = 9,300‘ Destination elevation = 11,825’
My last day of hiking up here. Had a couple recommendations for the Chasm Lake hike, so that made it an easy choice. After breakfast at Mickey D’s I was on the trailhead at sunrise. This hike uses the same trail for the first 3.5 miles as the Longs Peak hike/climb. In those 3.5 miles 2,200’ elevation were gained. On a lot of the trails to stop erosion the park service has created steps from either logs 6 to 8 inches in diameter, or rectangular rocks with 4 to 20 inches sticking above the ground. On this hike there were literally a thousand or more step-ups with a median height being about a foot. Very exhausting going up and coming down with those.

Pretty typical start of the trail, in the forest then breaking out above the tree line. A nice stream in the lower elevations. The first stop at 11,500 was a good view of Peacock Pool. So named because of all the colors seen in the waters. Then a beautiful waterfall followed and a bit of a climb up and over a rocky wall.

The lake was fantastic. When I first got there was a unique time. It was one of few times when there was really no wind. Making the lake look like a mirror. It was reflecting the most magnificent cliffs and walls. Some walls were thousands of feet high straight up from the lake. Longs Peak had a good 2,000’ cliff then a steep scree pile ending at the lake.

Within half an hour after my arrival a breeze started up obscuring the reflection.

All in all this was my favorite destination for the seven days.

There were half a dozen elk eating the plants at the ranger station at the trailhead when the hike started. Pikas and chipmunks were running all over the area above tree line.

At the bottom of the trail there was a side trail that led to the Eugenia Mine site. A gold mine that was operated by the Eugenia family in the early 1900’s. Records show that the tunnel had reached 1500’ into the mountain by 1910. There was no record of any gold actually extracted. The park service blasted the entrance several years ago so all that’s left is the ruins of a cabin, a steam boiler and the tailings pile. There are also rotted posts in the nearby stream that used to hold a sluice.

By the time I headed for the trailhead it had started to rain, lightning and thunder. A notable end to a good week.

The Rocky Mountain National Park has over 355 miles of trails. If you don’t mind a lot of elevation gain I heartily recommend hiking there. The scenery, views, wildlife, streams, and waterfalls are some of the best I have ever found. The mornings are usually clear with the afternoons clouding and possibly raining. So early morning hikes are best.
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