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See Spring Trail #185
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See Spring Trail #185Payson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking1.27 Miles 368 AEG
Hiking1.27 Miles   3 Hrs      0.51 mph
368 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
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I lead hikes for a hiking group based here in Phoenix and I was looking for a place for autumn foliage that could reliably provide color. I had read HAZ's other triplogs for this trail and it seemed that the last weekend in October historically worked well for this hike...thanks for the great advice other HAZ members!

We arrived from Phoenix at the trailhead by about 11am. One other car was there. I do have to say that I tried out this hike two weeks earlier, on October 12, and the trailhead was mobbed with several very large family camping groups. It was not the same for this hike, although the trail was just as deserted (the families were camping, not hiking apparently). Anyway, in just two weeks there was a marked increase in color. There was a burst right where you first cross Christopher Creek, but then not till you cross the See Spring tributary again.

For this hike, I took the group up to the first creek crossing on the main See Canyon Trail #184 to about 1/8th mile past the junction with the See Spring #185 trail, just for pictures of the creek crossing and the foliage. Beyond that, it's an old burn area and there isn't much in the way of foliage which turns brilliant colors, and that was the point of our hike. So then we backtracked to the See Spring trail junction and hiked up to the spring, which literally left some of us breathless with the stunning foliage. There was a light breeze, and leaves of yellow, orange, and red were lightly falling all around us. The trail was much harder to find too, there were so many leaves on the ground. We paused at the spring area for about a half hour, then returned to the trailhead.

I think this will have been the last really good weekend for this hike as so many leaves were falling. I did take a lot of pictures so hope this shows how gorgeous this was. A must hike for fall foliage in Arizona.
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I think that was the last awesome was gorgeous but SO many leaves on the ground already.
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