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Rainbow Rim Trail
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Rainbow Rim TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Scenic Drive avatar Sep 02 2013
Scenic Drive16.00 Miles 270 AEG
Scenic Drive16.00 Miles
270 ft AEG
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1st trip
For our last day, since we got such a late start, we ended up driving to the East Rim with Clyde and some of the other ABCers to take a look-see around that area. We left the others at Hwy 67 and went accross the road to the Rainbow Rim area to check out some of the Lookouts. So we headed west on Hwy 22 to the far viewpoint via 506 and 214. It had been raining on the North Rim off and on for the last several days so we did encounter some mud puddles but never had to engage the 4WD. For the most part, the roads were in good condition; some were in excellent condition. We encountered more traffic than we thot we would whether it be other cars at the THs or campers with trailers and such.

Figuring out where the best viewpoint was a little tricky at Parissawampitts as we walked down and down straight out from the TH. I told Ambika I really didn't want to go down anymore so we headed back up. We saw that the trail went to the SE so we headed that way and finally came upon THE view. This was my first ever view into this part of the Canyon so it was a lot to absorb and comprehend. It was totally cool though :DANCE: .

We had a snack break in the car before proceeding to the next viewpoint. We thot we would take a short cut on the 250 but after going down and in, it looked a bit precarious so Ambika thot we better not since no one new we were up here. So, if anyone goes up in that area and takes the 250, a road report would be nice as each of the viewpoints is below the 250. If you could use the 250, it saves the trouble of having to get back to the 206 each time.

We decided to skip Fence Point and headed to Locust Point. Our next stop would be the Timps. At the intersection you had a choice and we went with Timp first and then headed for North Timp. All of the viewpoints had their own beauty and magnificence to offer. Unfortunately, shooting good pics was hard due to poor light at this time of day.

This trail looks like it would be fun to hike as it goes in and out of the ponderosa and aspen with occasional walks along the rim. There are several drainages you have to walk/drive around to get to the next viewpoint. The entire trail is 18 miles. I know there are several of you out there that could knock this out in no time and still have time for a couple brews, dinner and cookies :) at Jacob Lake before heading home. Altho, I think camping over nite would be the best option as it looks like there are some great camp spots up there.

During our drive we did see lots of deer and a bushy coyote. The drive itself is beautiful as well as you drive through the shade of ponderosas and aspens.... LOTS of them.

Here are some movies of the East Rim and 4 Lookout Points from the Rainbow Rim:

Here are driving directions per the Kaibab Natl Forest. Please note the starting point for these lookout points is FR 206:
Go 26.5 miles south of Kaibab Plateau Visitor Center on AZ 67, turn right on FR 22 for 10.5 miles to FR 206.
Turn left and continue on FR 206 for 3.5 miles and turn right on FR 214 and follow it for 8 miles to Parissawampitts Viewpoint.
Fence: Continue on FR 206 for an additional 1.5 miles to the FR 271, turn right for .1 mile to FR 294, continue on FR 294 for .1 to FR 293 and follow it to the trailhead in about 8 miles.
Locust: Follow FR 294 for about 8 miles to the trailhead.
North Timp: From the junction of FR 206 and 271, follow FR 271 for 5 miles to FR 271A, turn right and follow FR 271A for 3 miles. When you come back to 271, it's only 3 miles to Timp from there.
Timp: From the junction of FR 206 and 271, follow FR 271 for 8 miles to the trailhead. When you come back to 271, it's only 3 miles to North Timp from there.

From any of the viewpoints, you can see the Esplanade, along with Powell Plateau, Tapeats Amphitheater, Surprise Valley. And don't forget, the AZT is around here someplace :-k .
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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