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Lost Dutchman Marathon 10K, AZ
mini location map2014-02-16
18 by photographer avatarDschur
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Lost Dutchman Marathon 10K, AZ 
Lost Dutchman Marathon 10K, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 16 2014
Hiking6.13 Miles
Hiking6.13 Miles   1 Hour   34 Mns   3.91 mph
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My Husband and I both did the 10K this year since he is going to run the Phoenix Marathon in 2 weeks.. We got to the start line just in time for the gun for the 1/2 to take off.. so didn't get to see them go off.. but did our race my husband running and getting 3rd in his age group and I walked it... was a bit warm this year my husband was kinda glad that he didn't do the full this year..
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