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Tumamoc HillTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
 Hiking3.04 Miles 714 AEG
 Hiking3.04 Miles   1 Hour   19 Mns   2.31 mph
714 ft AEG
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Well, it's been done! I never thought I'd be able to do this climb but after a rather intense (for me) period of fitness work this year, the time came for me to attempt it. Taxes done and the top of Tumamoc held the last remaining virtual geocache in Tucson that I will likely be able to obtain. A friend offered to go with me (he does the hill twice a week) and I wasn't sure I wanted him to accompany me as I didn't want him to be frustrated with my speed, or lack of, nor did I want to feel that I needed to reach the top if I could not. But he came. I am glad he did.

We left the parking lot at 1900 hours. I was already intimidated by the scores of not-so-tired people coming off the hill, as well as the hill up close and personal. Hill?? More like cliff! We started out and when I saw the other types of people coming off that MOUNTAIN, including little kids and moms with strollers, I KNEW I had to conquer this. Ok, yeah, this sounds kinda intense for a 'hill'. I am not in top physical shape and this was huge for me! Onward with the story.

It had been a really really warm day so I was glad we left late. Up we went and it was hard, but I moved. Got to the building part and the sun sets and lights up the sky with a pink pastel color. NICE touch to keep me distracted! I did not carry water, trying to keep my load light (snicker) so I tanked up at the water fountain there. More upward. It gets dark but the partial moon and surreal overcast lights the roadway enough. Now my friend says it gets tougher. What?? TOUGHER? Dang mother earth! I move on. I find I can actually continue a conversation, sort of, through part of the second half. Don't get me wrong though. There is a lot less oxygen up there and I had to stop many times, just for a few moments, to catch my breath and stop gasping and embarrassing said friend. I apologize, but there isn't much oxygen left up there. I used up most of it. Bad me.

So friend continues to gently encourage me and provide positive feedback. We get to the top final switchbacks. He tells me it's the hardest part and dang, it is. I mean, whoa. That's steep. It's dark by now, which was probably a good thing. He points out the towers just up ahead. We are almost there. Really? Awesome 'possom! Suddenly, I feel even more empowered and plunge on! Not quickly, but on! Moments later, the terrain levels out, I'm looking at my feet so I am clueless, and he tells me I've done it! WOOHOOO!!! I swear, I was smiling so big, my face was hurting. True story!

So we amble over towards the side and take in the sights. Holy cow. All those lights. The streets, the traffic, the highway, the glow of Mt. Lemmon, cute couples nearby taking it in as well and the sky. Wow. Just wow! We pull out the cameras and take the required photos. I hear a poorwill down the hill which just makes everything that much cooler! I go over and find the sign for the required virtual geocache information. Find 4001 complete! I love me a good virtual geocache!!! Time to head down and it's pretty hard going straight down as well. I used a dimmed headlight just to make sure I didn't stumble on a crack and embarrass my friend by falling back downhill and thus winning the race back to the bottom. Just kidding. I did my hair and wore nice earrings in case I had to be airlifted out. A girl can never be too careful, ya know? (See Dec 31, 2013 hike for further....) Reached the bottom and found we completed the hill in just under 1 hour and 20 minutes with phototaking time. He praises me and says that was good time for this newbie!

Again, this is a lengthy log and I am certain that is a boring hike for most Hike Arizona people. Not for this old gal who is moving forward in regaining her youth. Consider this my own personal blog and ignore it! I then txt'd all the kids to let them know of the accomplishment. One writes back that he's never done that hike ...maybe I can take him next week...WHAT HAVE I DONE???!! I have to do it again??! On the flip side, I DID smile all the way home and felt so great that once I got home, I pulled the dog out (since he wasn't allowed on Tumamoc) and took him on a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood in the dark up the top of Houghton. Heard racoons and an elf owl. Life is good... :)
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