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Yosemite NP Loop, CA
mini location map2014-05-24
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Yosemite NP Loop, CA 
Yosemite NP Loop, CA
Backpack avatar May 24 2014
Backpack36.40 Miles 9,913 AEG
Backpack36.40 Miles3 Days         
9,913 ft AEG39 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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Day 1:
The long friday afternoon drive up to Yosemite was just too slow due to traffic around San Bernardino and we didnt arrive at the park until past 3AM saturday morning. Dragging the following day and losing time getting our backcountry permits didnt allow us to start hiking until past 10AM saturday at Lower Yosemite Falls TH.
The climb up the canyon was challenging with a full backpack but made it to the rim in less than 2 hours, we then proceeded to Snow Creek Trail for another 5 miles to Snow Creek for the night. Along the way we had great views of Half Dome, a guy having some fun with his girlfriend near Yosemite Creek, encountered several tame and unshy deer who if i wanted to i could reach out and touch. We also saw a bear about 150-200 feet away from us, it was the only sighting the entire weekend but it made our day!.
At around 6PM we reached our planned camping spot near Snow Creek where we quickly set up camp and the abundance of downed wood made starting a bonfire a breeze.

Day 2:
After a pretty challenging day 1 we thought we would have a rather "easy" 16 mile day but it wasnt the case. It turned out to be a 10 hour, close to 5000 AEG day with several creek crossings, a couple 1000+ foot climbs with one being on a snow field with a lot of melting snow.
We started our day at around 9AM and planned to have lunch at Tenaya lake at about our half way point. The lake was striking with really singular granite mountains all around BUT it was infested with mosquitoes and unwisely we took our time eating and giving our flying friends an unlimited amount of DEET.
We then reluctantly restarted the second half of the hike heading to Clouds Rest, the hike there was pretty uneventful but we got to play in the snow on our way up to the summit. On the way down we encountered plenty of muddy areas. We set up camp just after we joined the JMT and just after sunset. We had a pretty quiet night at this great and hidden area away from the trail. During the night i was woken up by what seemed to be a large animal sniffing around my tent. I decided not to move and act as if it was nothing, the following morning one of our bear canisters misteriously moved about 100 feet from its original spot and someones backpack had been searched by a bear with only a minor tear on one of the pockets.

Day 3:
The last day was the easiest and quickest of the three with virtually no uphill climbs, it was all JMT all the way down to Yosemite Valley passing by the Half Dome trail fork then further down reaching Nevada Falls which were absolutely spectacular! The area was a zoo with people everwhere along the trail and the waterfall viewpoints. We reached Yosemite Valley just before 1230PM.

In all i was completely blown away by this National Park and despite having to drive 12 hours each way it was well worth trip.
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Tenaya Lake
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