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mini location map2014-05-31
12 by photographer avatarVolcanoCLMBR
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Rim to RimNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar May 31 2014
Hiking23.70 Miles 5,860 AEG
Hiking23.70 Miles   12 Hrs      2.37 mph
5,860 ft AEG   2 Hrs    Break10 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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On Saturday May, 31 2014 we embarked on a super special challenge, The R2R.
We decided to go via BA>>NK. On our way there we were advised by park Rangers on the trails about the dire water situation on the North Rim due to a pipe break. The last reliable potable water if you were coming from the south was at Phantom Ranch, all other water found on Bright Angel Creek would have to be filtered until the Supai Tunnel. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but many people doing this challenge do not bring filters along. The heat this day was extreme, at around 930am when i reached Phantom Ranch it already felt at 100F. At this point i was the first of the group at the Ranch and waited for the rest to arrive. We had brunch for about 40 mins before proceeding for the hardest part of the trip, climbing up the N Kaibab trail. From Phantom Ranch to the NK trailhead took my friend Jill, Emily and I 9 hours to complete, which included a couple lengthy stops along the trail one of 45 minutes and another of 30 to wait for the rest of the group (6) to catch up to us as we were going at a decent and steady pace but they weren't able to catch up. Our first stop of 45 minutes happened at Cottonwood camp in which we treated water with iodide tablets. Here we ran into a retired 60+ year old trail runner who was struggling really hard to keep going. I gave him 1L of water as he was almost out of his and didn't have a filter, he left after a little while and then we saw him about 10 minutes later. We got our clothes drenched in water as often as we found a stream of water easily accesible.
The Roaring Spring waterfall was amazing, at this point of the trail the up climb had started and had complete shade.
All the way up this trail had the feeling of being never ending, my hiking partners and I never seemed to struggle and were in good spirits all the way up to the top.
We were lucky to meet a couple along the trail who was just doing a short day hike and they offered us a ride on the back of their truck up to the North Rim Lodge were we spent the night.
I ate half a whole pizza from the deli and it was as delicious as ever......i was beyond starving.

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