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Tucson High Point, AZ
mini location map2014-07-13
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Tucson High Point, AZ 
Tucson High Point, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 13 2014
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After years of planning and training, the time had come to tackle one the of peaks on my list - Tucson (City) High Point. After making sure I was provisioned, that my estate was in order, funds in place to cover the cost of a helicopter evac from the summit, and that I had cleared my browser history, I kissed my wife goodbye and set out for the far flung eastern corner of the Tucson corporate limits to make my ascent.

After parking the at the trailhead, the most daunting of obstacles presented itself - barbed wire fencing - damn! I'm in a good pair of jeans. Nonetheless, I was determined to forge ahead. Gently placing a hand upon the top strand, I pushed down and was able to get over without ripping new ventilation into my garments. Ahead I could see the summit. My goal was in sight. Putting one loafer encased foot after another, I deftly made my ascent in almost no time at all - about 1 second. After spending some time on the peak and logging in on the register, I made my way off the mountain to celebrate another peak bagged!

In all seriousness, this high point is listed on, and is on the list of selected USA Selected City High Points. It is literally at the most far eastern corner of the Tucson corporate boundary.

The GPS elevation profile is kind of funny - I think the blips come from climbing over the fence.
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