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Reavis Ranch via 109 South
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mini location map2014-09-28
3 by photographer avatarte_wa
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Reavis Ranch via 109 SouthGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 28 2014
Hiking14.40 Miles 2,455 AEG
Hiking14.40 Miles
2,455 ft AEG
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man, what a ride. yes, we slipped, stumbled and got soaked. but trade it for comfort of a/c and recliners? NO WAY!

we hit the t/h at 11:30 on saturday with mostly clear skies. by the time we hit the saddle, the ominous clouds were lurking. trying to make speedy delivery to camp, which was to be at the first meadow after the fireline junction, the skywater let loose and i had to make an instant decision.. so we hurridly left the meadow full of Fakawee grass and crossed the creekbed where i pitched our home-made tarp tent with a fury. by now, we were both fairly soaked. not to mention, i had to get down to the creek and find stones that would hold tent stakes in what could be called no less than 4" of wet leaves. yeah.. about that "holding power".. lol.

after realizing this was the worst spot in the entire wilderness, i let the rain subside for a half hour and in the meantime did a quick recon of the area, saw an escape route and stuffed items back in the pack, trying to make a better campspot further up trail. so we gear up, hit the meadow of Fakawee grass trying to make our way north across knee high, wet, and lumpy grassland. then, out of nowhere, like a miniature mitsubishi Zero fighter plane, a yellow hornet attacks me with furious dive-bombs and lands a solid stinger in the right shoulder! oweeee! after running 20 yards and dang near tripping over all the lumps and falling tree limbs, we make the escape. pushing on, i see a nice elevated bald under a juniper and as the rain starts to pick up again.. im finally getting my boy into dry clothes and a mildly dry down bag. we stayed in the tent for about an hour watching the trail turn into a river. sammys for dinner, a quick Upslope Brown ale, and its time to organize all the gear so it can survive the Reavis Ranch deluge, part III. in bed by 7. tossed and turned with a danged old hornet sting. life is good. went to fetch some apples and saw only one other family. they were packing up as we left the orchard. the hike out was much better, ominous clouds under high wind gusts but no precip - and all the while my trooper of a death march hiking partner of 8 years old never complained. Good job, buddy! first real backpack trip for Wes and it was a doozy, finished the r/t of 13 miles with a fresh apple and a smile. btw.. somewhere near the grasslands about 1.5 miles from the Reavis area, i lost a paypal debit card and a driver license. if it happens to be spotted, that would be a needle in a haystack search party.

until next time.. why the *)%^# does it rain on EVERY trip i take? am i cursed?

on a wonderfully positive note, Reavis is as green as central Oregon and apples are everywhere. get some!
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