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Reavis Ranch via 109 South
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mini location map2016-11-11
8 by photographer avatarDroog
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Reavis Ranch Trail #109Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 11 2016
Hiking20.80 Miles 4,051 AEG
Hiking20.80 Miles
4,051 ft AEG45 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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HAZ - Event
What a great weekend.

Started a little later than we wanted on Friday. This did give us the opportunity to both see an amazing sunset and also do some moonlight hiking. I heard on NPR that the 11th was the closest approach (Perigee) but I could not verify that once I got home. Either way it was pretty bright on the way on even in the areas with tree cover. There were many camps but the area is so big that you wouldn't even know someone was there until you walked right up on them. We were able to easily locate the rest of the HAZ group however. An evening of introductions, much beer drinking, fire stoking and good times.

This was my first field test of my soda can alcohol stove. It worked like a champ, even after I stepped on it. It ended up being very light and boiling 2 cups in about 6 minutes. I brought 4 ounces of fuel and got 3 boils. I could have gotten a 4th if I had managed the fuel a little better. I will be making a few more and testing some designs I have seen on the entirewebs.

This was also my maiden voyage of my new hammock under quilt. Thanks to the kit from Ripstop By The Roll I saved myself some coin. It took about 4 hours of sewing and kept me as warm as I needed to be. My next venture is a down Sleeping bag. What I have now is by far my heaviest piece of gear.

Saturday morning we socialized, ate some breakfast and got on trail to Circlestone around 10:30. This is a beautiful hike with some pretty rewarding views. My hiking partners decided to explore Mound Mtn. I decided a nap in the grass was a much better prospect. The trip took them about an hour and a half. Plenty of time for napping.

Back at camp we again prepared meals, attempted to get sauced, and watched chumley aggressively burn through the 2 cords of wood we had gathered a short time before. BTW...Gloves...I bring them but forgot to use them. The only injury for me was from gathering wood.

The hike out was nice and I am glad the wind kept up most of the time. We stopped and saw the grave pile for old man Reavis. What a life. What a plot of land to have had. I did hit a wall about 2 miles from the trail head. We didn't stop for lunch and my snacks were packed away. My bad. It was a rough 2 miles. Can't wait for the next Backpack trip.

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