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Battleship Mountain from Canyon Lake, AZ
mini location map2015-01-17
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Battleship Mountain from Canyon Lake, AZ 
Battleship Mountain from Canyon Lake, AZ
Hiking12.76 Miles 3,032 AEG
Hiking12.76 Miles   7 Hrs   20 Mns   2.17 mph
3,032 ft AEG   1 Hour   27 Mns Break12 LBS Pack
1st trip
Partners partners
While hiking with Bruce, Joe and Dennis last week, Bruce mentioned planning a trip around Battleship so that I could finally reach the summit. After three attempts in six weeks, I planned to shelve Battleship for a good long time, but the mere mention of it got me excited about trying it one more time!

Bruce planned a nice long hike that included a loop around Yellow Peak with a few summit options. I wanted to go with them, but I had a previous dinner engagement so I was along for just the Battleship portion. Dennis couldn't make it, but azdesertfather joined the fun. I met azdesertfather, Bruce and Joe at Canyon Lake Marina a little before 7. We hit the trail shortly thereafter. It was a gorgeous morning, a little cool once we started our descent into the canyon, but a brisk pace kept the chill off. We reached the turnoff to Battleship about two hours later and headed up.

Joe and Father Dave led the way. Having been to the narrows twice before, and over once, most everything to that point was familiar now. Once across the narrows, it was all new and amazing! We spent 20 minutes or so on top, enjoyed some food, great company and magnificent views. Geronimo Head from this vantage point looked so close that you reach out and touch it. I could have spent the rest of the day here.

Along the final ascent to the summit, we heard a call from below: "Bruuuce!" We knew Skillpore, Tortoise Hiker and Wallyfrack were heading this way from First Water, so it must have come from one of them. Once on top, we looked for them while Joe waved a flag. We met them at the saddle on the way down. They were hiking Battleship then camping overnight in La Barge creek. Good to see you again, Stephen, and Happy Birthday! Nice to meet you Denny and Wally!

Once back in Boulder Canyon, I parted ways with my hiking partners and returned to the Marina. We made it to the top quickly enough that I had plenty of time to get back, so I settled into a leisurely pace on the return trip and enjoyed the surroundings and spectacular weather.

I stopped for a second break at the paint mine. My third hike in the Supes was from Canyon Lake to the 2nd Water junction back in March of 2012, the month I joined HAZ. I had so much fun frolicking in the canyon that day that I used up all my energy and was toast when I headed back up and over the hill to Canyon Lake. I didn't want a repeat of that hike, so I ate and rested before heading out again. I guess three years of hiking in Arizona has made a difference; I felt good and had no issues getting over the hill this time. When I reached the top of the last hill, I looked southwest towards Yellow Peak and wondered if Joe, Dave and Bruce were already on top. I figured they probably were.

I stopped at the Canyon Lake Marina for a post hike burger and a cool beverage. Watched a guy paddle by on a surf board in upright stance with shorts and a T. The water was probably cold; hope you don't fall, dude. I heard a noisy duck, so I looked over the railing and saw what must be the biggest Mallard in the southwest floating below, quacking and hoping for some of my french fries. I didn't share, but I stopped eating mine, lest I look like that duck, 13 mile hike or no!

Another beautiful day in paradise. Dave, Joe, Bruce, good seeing and hiking with you again! It was a most enjoyable day.
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