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Peak 3465 Hiero Mtns - Morgan City Wash Loop, AZ
mini location map2015-01-24
28 by photographer avatarrayhuston
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Peak 3465 Hiero Mtns - Morgan City Wash Loop, AZ 
Peak 3465 Hiero Mtns - Morgan City Wash Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 24 2015
Hiking18.95 Miles 3,034 AEG
Hiking18.95 Miles   9 Hrs   43 Mns   2.24 mph
3,034 ft AEG   1 Hour   15 Mns Break
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1st trip
Nice, long loop hike in the Hieroglyphic Mountains on a gorgeous day. Please see Joe's (or Bruce's) trip log for the route taken. It was chilly (mid-30's) at the start and warm at the finish (mid-70's).

The highlight of the day was peak 3465, which offers outstanding views of Lake Pleasant and the surrounding countryside. More fun as we went off trail looking for an alternate route down and around the mountain to our next destination (Pike's Peak), hoping to save some of that hard earned elevation. We didn't save much, but we found a cool route through a pass that had a man made rock wall at the top. Big, heavy rocks that would have taken some time and effort to build. Not sure of its purpose; there is an easy route around it, albeit a couple hundred feet down and half mile longer if you dropped down into the canyon below.

Dropping down from the pass, we aimed for a creek. I went farther left, down a drainage and landed on a trail that turned out to be part of the Burro Flats Loop. We followed that for awhile, but realized it was taking us too far away from our second goal. We turned south and headed uphill hoping to follow a ridgeline back towards our goal. We took a break at the top of the hill and decided there wouldn't be enough time to accomplish all that we set out to do, so we headed towards Morgan City wash to continue on the loop.

The wash provided some easy walking for a few miles. Nothing exciting here unless you're on an ATV, but we made good time getting to Bog Ranch, which is not worth your time unless you like shooting up stuff and leaving a mess. The place was trashed.

Another off trail excursion to hook up with the Walkin' Jim trail. I enjoyed this section. The wild burros cut some nice trails through here. Two of them stopped and posed for us as we passed by (see Bruce's photo set - mine didn't make the grade). They were more beautiful in person. Lot's of beautiful saguaros through here. We took another break in this area to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We linked up with the Walkin' Jim trail and closed the loop with Joe singing songs. How a guy can sing after 18 miles is beyond me (I was hanging on by a thread). More outstanding views as Lake Pleasant came back into view.

This was the second longest hike of my life. Well worth it, but I was a tired puppy at the end.
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Lake Pleasant Tule Spring
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