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15 by photographer avatarrayhuston
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Charlebois Loop IIPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 10 2015
Hiking17.50 Miles 2,900 AEG
Hiking17.50 Miles   8 Hrs   45 Mns   2.31 mph
2,900 ft AEG   1 Hour   10 Mns Break
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I was planning to do something out of Canyon Lake, but I took a peek at HAZ Friday afternoon and saw that Dennis posted a Charlebois Loop II outing for Saturday. That has been high on my list of hikes I wanted to do and it was a chance to meet someone new, so I signed on.

This was a great trip with great company. We started out with a beautiful yellow sunrise over the very green Barkley Basin. A look back revealed an orange glow on the Dacite Cliffs. It was a beautiful start to the hike.

The Charlebois Spring area was beautiful. It was a great place to lunch, and nature provided us with a most entertaining frog song. Three of us spent a moment trying to record the ritual. Dennis had no such luck. Each time he pulled out his phone to record, the reeds became quiet. Put the phone away and they were back at it. Aah, forget the frogs. Instead, he pulled out some wonderful Scotch Whiskey and we shared a couple of sips. Thank you Dennis!

On the way back, we took at stop at the Master Map. Interesting place. It made me wonder. We made good time along Dutchman on the way back. The older guys, being of the same age and sharing many similar interests from the 60's and 70's, probably took unfair advantage of Joe. I think the conversation about penny candy from The Corner Store and the Chick-O-Sticks for a nickel got to him. His pace had quickened to a no-talking pace when we were saved by a side trip to the old saguaro.

Seeing the saguaro for the first time made me sad for what it had become, but I was heartened by what it once was. Magnificent! I showed the pictures I took to my wife and she cried. She loves saguaros.

We made one more stop at a beautiful overlook along the Bluff Springs Trail. Stunning views, worthy of another round of the warming brown fluid. Thank you again, Dennis! That is such a beautiful area. So many places to explore in there, but I was more than content to sit where we were, admiring the beauty of this area, the warmth of the Scotch and good company.

We neared the end of the hike with rain drops falling and the sun shining down into the slick rock area approaching Bark's Canyon. Dennis was hoping for a rainbow, which would have made that perfect. A quick hike up and over the hill and we were done. A great hike.

Dennis, thanks again for the outing. It was great meeting you! Bruce and Joe, good to see you again! Sorry this is so late, but I was out too much this weekend and needed to spend time with the family.
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