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Driving Utah, UT
mini location map2015-03-18
69 by photographer avataroutdoor_lover
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Driving Utah, UT 
Driving Utah, UT
Scenic Drive avatar Mar 18 2015
Scenic Drive2,210.00 Miles
Scenic Drive2,210.00 Miles
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1st trip
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9 Days, 2,210 Miles
Main Reason for Trip:
Deliver a Piece of Furniture to my Aunt in Cortez, CO
Bonus: My Mom got to visit with her Sister for 9 Days and I got to go do a 1 Day Workshop and Play in some other Parts of Utah for 5 Days...

Day 1: All about Driving...Tossed my Mom in the Escape and drove to Cortez, CO, stopping only for Gas and Restrooms. I was towing a U-Haul Trailer so I wasn't going to do any messing around or stopping for Photos....
Day 2: I was going to take off for Utah on this Day, but my Aunt had other Plans for us...I helped her put the Furniture together, then I did a quick, little Hike by the House before my Cousins came over for Dinner...
Day 3: Got up early and headed for Utah...Since I was a Day later than planned, I had to be in Cedar City on the other side of the State to spend the Night. Just before I left Home, a 1-Day Canyoneering Workshop was announced and since I knew I would be in Utah anyway, I signed up...Every Mile I drove on this Day was New Territory for me. I hadn't seen any of it until I got to Cedar City. So there was a lot of Driving, a lot of Gawking, a lot of Stopping and I took a few Photos.... :lol: It was a little over 500 Miles to Cedar City and it took me all Day... :sweat: I went through Monticello and Moab, stopping in Moab for about an Hour to visit a Friend's Gallery and check out some things at the Visitor's Center. I then did a slight Detour, and took the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway up to Interstate 70...Went across 70, taking in my first Views of the San Rafael Swell and then hit I-15 and went South into Cedar City. Gorgeous Drive all the Way.... :D Spent the next two Nights at the Three Peaks Recreation Area outside Cedar City....
Day 4: Canyoneering Workshop with a little Rappelling as well...As I figured, it ended late in the Afternoon and I didn't really want to Drive after Dark because my Camera doesn't do well with Night Photos.... :D So I spent a 2nd Night there...
Day 5: Left Cedar City, connected with SR89 and then got on Highway 12 to go East...I was going to spend some Time in the Grand Staircase Escalante this Trip...Drove through Red Canyon, Cannonville and some other small Towns, before stopping in Escalante at the Ranger Station for some Local Information. Drove 12 over to Boulder, and then took the Burr Trail Road to my Camping Site. Got the Campsite squared away and then drove Long Canyon and Hiked in the Cut in the Wall...I would hardly call it a Slot, it only goes back 100 Yards...But it was Cool anyway and the entire Length of Long Canyon was really a Sweet Drive...Explored a few other Areas along the Burr Trail Road and then back to Camp to explore that Area a little...Took a quick Drive for Sunset, but there wasn't much...
Day 6: Got up, packed up and drove back to Highway 12 and then back towards Escalante...Spent the Day doing a Nice little Hike in Dry Gulch and then spent the Night Dispersed Camping in Egypt....
Day 7: Got up, packed up, and headed towards another Hike in the same Area...Spent quite a bit of time in there too. Afterwards, it was Time to hit the Road. Drove Highway 12 East through several Ecological Zones, including being at over 9000 Feet just before Sunset...Got to Torrey just before Dark, got on Highway 24 and drove into Capitol Reef. Couldn't see anything, but stayed at the Campground there for the Night.
Day 8: It was Time to start heading back towards Cortez to pick up Mom. But before I did, I had 1 More Hike I wanted to get in....After a thoroughly Entertaining first Hour at the Capitol Reef Campground, I was on my way... I told myself not to stop and spend any Time in Capitol Reef because I knew better...I would be there all day and I didn't want to do that...Capitol Reef needs a couple of Days, but at another Time. Hung a Left in Hanksville and headed for the San Rafael Swell... :D Got my Hike in and then headed up and caught I-70 back and then down through Moab the way I came and finally into Cortez after Dark...
Day 9: Loaded Mom in the Car and headed for Home...Took a couple of more Scenic Routes so Mom could enjoy...I went through Mexican Hat and into the Edge of Monument Valley from the North this Time and then after some Good Pizza in Flagstaff, we drove down through Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona instead of taking I-17. My Mom hadn't been to Sedona in over 20 Years, so it was Time for her to at least go through it...We did stop at the Chapel since she really wanted to see that...And then, we were Home.... :)

The Weather was Interesting on this Trip...It was Beautiful Weather for the most part and the Nights were Mild. I checked the Weather every Day and just about every Day that they called for Clear Skies, they ended up Mostly Cloudy...They never called for Rain, but a couple of Days I wondered if I would run into some, it was that Dark and there was some Virga in Places....Not the Greatest Light for Photography, but I took Photos anyway.... :lol:

There will be more Triplogs, but this was the Overview of the Trip. The Photoset I will link to this one will be all the Photos from Driving except for one Area...I will do a Generic Camping Set as well and cover some Ground with Photos from those Times and there will be some Hiking Triplogs to come also, with Photosets...1,975 Photos Downloaded when I got Home... :sweat:

It was a really good Trip for both of us...My Mom and Aunt got to spend some Quality Time together and I got to see a lot of Utah I've never seen...The More I see of that State, the more I love it...Arizona may be The Grand Canyon State, but Utah is The Canyon State... :D I did a little Slotting Around this Trip and a little Horsin' Around too... :D Good Times...
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