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Camping Utah, UT
mini location map2015-03-18
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Camping Utah, UT 
Camping Utah, UT
Car Camping avatar Mar 18 2015
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The Photoset accompanying this Triplog is for the Areas around my Camps...Did a Couple of small Hikes when I had Time, around where I was Camped, but the Mileage for those isn't worth a Triplog... There were also Nights when I didn't even get Stopped and Settled in until after Dark....Dispersed Camping was not easy to find in Areas and in other Areas, it was a long Distance between any Camping at all...This Trip wasn't so much about the Camping anyway, it was more about just finding a place to Park the Vehicle and Flop for the Night...And for a couple of Nights, that actually wasn't that Easy and involved more Driving than Intended.... :sweat: If I had spent a lot more Time doing some Pre-Trip Homework, it might have been easier.... ;)

Nights 1 & 2: Not Camping. At my Aunt's in Cortez, CO...I started getting a little antsy the second Day there, so I went out to find a clear Shot of the Snow Dusted Peaks that you could see from her House...My Aunt neglected to inform me that less than 1/4 Mile from her Driveway is a Nature Preserve with a whole Network of Trails... :lol: I found it anyway...Didn't have much Time to do much for Mileage, but it was good to get out and the Views were pretty Nice...I've included just a few Photos from Cortez....
Nights 3 & 4: Three Peaks Recreation Area (BLM) Just outside of Cedar City, UT...Pretty nice Developed Campground actually. The 2nd Time I've stayed there. I shot Sunset on the 2nd Night, but it was nothing mind-boggling...
Night 5: Deer Creek, UT (BLM) Tiny, and I mean Tiny, Campground on Burr Trail Road, East of Boulder...Nice Riparian Area though and I did some exploring in there, as well as tried to Shoot a Sunset from above....Not a Campground that I would enjoy so much for actually "Camping", but Dispersed Camping was almost Non-Existent within 25 Miles of there, so it worked for the Night....
Night 6: Dispersed Camping on Egypt Road, off of Hole in the Rock Road. If a Ranger tells you that there are "several" really nice Campsites along Egypt Road, take it with a Grain of Salt...I counted 3 in 15 Miles of Dirt Road. There are Rules about Dispersed Camping in there and it totally limits your Options...The 1st one was really nice but occupied by a large Party, the 2nd was "eh", just a Fire Ring next to some Corrals and the 3rd one had 2 Sites, but one was taken and the other was terrible...Seriously wading through Cow Dung on that one...I talked to the People in the other one and found that they had driven all the way past the TH and only found one more Site and it was nothing special either. I didn't want to drive in any further since I was doing anything in there the next day, so I settled for the "eh" Campsite. By the time I got in there, I only had time for a quick Hike for Sunset and then it was dark...Another "Place to Flop" and that's all...No Cool Camping Experience in here either...The one thing that was really nice about it though, was it was Quiet...Considering there was a TH at the End of the Road, I never saw another Soul or Vehicle except for the other Campers, the whole time I was there....The First Site would be nice if you could get it and it's very close to Hole in the Rock Road, but I wouldn't be looking forward to any other Camping in there.
Night 7: Capitol Reef National Park Campground. This Time of Year, there really wasn't any other Camping Options. The Mountain Range between Boulder and Torrey was High in Elevation and all of the Campgrounds were still closed. Even if I had wanted to Disperse Camp up that High, there wasn't a Side Road that was Passable yet...Either Serious Soft Mud or lots of Snow still. So, I hoped that the Campground wasn't Full on a Weeknight in March...It was a close Call...It was nearly Full when I pulled in after Dark...:sweat: But, although there were tons of people and no Room between Spaces, it was really a Cool Area...I had some Fun in the Morning before I left...A very Unique, and yet, at the same time, typical National Park Campground.... :D It was in a really nice Spot though, with the Fremont River flowing next to it as well...I would stay there again... :)
Night 8: Back in Cortez, before heading to Phoenix....

So much Country, but it seems that you have to talk to the Right People or really spend some Time Researching to find the Dispersed Camping...At Least in the Grand Staircase Escalante Area...I did find some really nice Dispersed Camping Areas up by the San Rafael Swell, but I was already done with all the Camping... :lol: Sunsets, just about every Night were a Bust, even though the Clouds looked Fantastic in Late Afternoon...Had some Nice Light on a couple of Nights, but that was all...I guess I'm spoiled by Arizona Sunsets... ;)
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