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Flatiron Hike - Superstitions
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mini location map2015-01-13
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Flatiron Hike - SuperstitionsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 13 2015
Hiking5.00 Miles 2,800 AEG
Hiking5.00 Miles
2,800 ft AEG
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I almost don't want to write this Triplog...Lousiest Day I've had out on a Hike in a very, very, long time...This will make my Top 3... :(

I haven't been to Flatiron since my 49th Birthday Hike 3 Years ago. It was work for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it when I did it....Been to Siphon a few times since then, but never much farther. It was time for a Return. Was going to do it on my Birthday on Monday, but the Weather stated a 10% Chance of Rain and when I got up, it was Raining...I also just wasn't feeling that great, so I just stayed home. This Hike was going to be hard enough to do without having to battle Weather too...

I was feeling better that night and decided to go for it the next day. The Forecast was for Clouds in the Morning with a "Slim" Chance of Rain and the Clouds clearing out by Afternoon...Got up and the Skies above me were almost Clear...Time to Go...By the time the Day was over, I wanted to take their "Slim" and...well...never mind.... :sweat:

As I was driving over, I started to wonder...I could see the Usury and Goldfield Ranges, but the Superstitions were nowhere to be found... :sweat: There was a line of Thick Clouds on the Horizon blocking what would be a Sunrise and apparently the Supes were also enveloped...I decided to keep going and see how things developed. By the time I hit the Mining Camp Parking Lot, it was breaking up and there was actually a bit of late Color with the Sunrise... :) And it looked like things were clearing, so I went for it...As it turned out, either due to Clouds or being in the Shade of the Draw, the Sun never hit me until after 4:00 that Afternoon... ;)

I took my Time as I was planning on making a Day of it anyway, but I still hit the Draw before the Sun could crest over the Ridge. There was still some Cloud Action at the very top of the Iron but it kept looking like it was trying to clear...I get about 2/3 of the way up and it starts getting dark...The Flatiron starts to completely disappear...I look behind me and the Goldfields are just about gone too...10 minutes later, here comes the Cloud...It wasn't descending from the Flatiron, it was smoking up the Draw from the Bottom...I couldn't believe how fast it was moving. Visibility dropped to less than 10 Feet...And then the Rain came...

I packed for a "Slim" Chance...I didn't mind getting wet, briefly, so I left the Rain Pants at home...I had everything else though. It was apparent that this "Shower" was not going to be Brief, so I found Shelter under a small overhanging Rock and started Waterproofing everything...My Core, the Pack and the Camera...I also had a Cheap Poncho and I used that to cover my Legs to keep them Dry since the Rock I was under wasn't totally adequate...The Temperature dropped some too. At times, the Rain was trying to change to Snow... :sweat: A Hiker descending joined me for a few minutes...He had gone to the Saddle and turned around as it was Raining up there and Visibility was Poor...After a bit, he continued to go down. He did not have Rain Gear... :o I decided to wait it out and see if it cleared up...I had come too far to give up yet...I set a Time Limit...It started at 10:15 and I was giving it until Noon...1 1/2 Hours later, it quit, at 11:45... ;) The Sky lightened up and the Clouds were breaking up below me...So I decided to continue going up, optimistic that it was over... ;)

150 Feet of Elevation to go, just below the Saddle, it got Dark and the Visibility dropped to almost nothing and then the Rain started again...No Shelter this Time, I was going to get Wet...I made the Saddle in the Rain and everything just looked way socked in...Visibility was once again under 10 Feet...It was also Windy and fairly Cold....It was Decision Time...Wasn't sure how long this "Wave" was going to last and I only had an Hour left before my "Descent" Time started...I could pick my way out to the Flatiron and not see a thing...5024 was out also...This was just not how I wanted to see this Place...With these Conditions, I knew it might take me longer to get down. Wet Rocks and Mud would be a given...I decided to Throw in the Towel...I'm usually really stubborn and I tend not to give up easily, but enough was enough...I didn't even take off my Pack...I turned around and started going back down... ](*,)

Severely disappointed...I have only not made my Destination on a couple of Hikes now and I would have to add this one to the List...There was no Payoff for all of the Effort today....No Sense of Satisfaction that comes with an Accomplishment.... :?

Some people love being out in this kind of Weather, and I don't mind being out in a Summertime Rain, but not in the Winter...Too hard to stay Warm and Dry....I wish I had brought my Waterproof Camera, I could have gotten some Cool Shots and Video of the Camera isn't Weather Sealed, so once the Rain started the 2nd Time, it stayed in the Pack for quite awhile.... :cry:

1/3 of the way down and the Storm broke for good...(of course) ](*,) The Sun actually started to break through too and was hitting various parts of the Draw, just never where I was... :sweat: Didn't matter, by the time I got out of the Draw completely, I was almost Dry, starting to feel warm again and thinking about Sunset with some of the Clouds still around....

So I wandered a bit looking for Compositions for the Sunset...As it turned out, the Sunset was almost a Bust as the Clouds on the Horizon were just too thick...The Golden Hour had some Sweet Moments though.... :)

Finally back to the Car and rarely glad the Day was over...I will not look on this Day fondly, but I learned a couple of Lessons...Don't believe the Weathermen, at all...If Rain is even mentioned, I will be taking my Full Rain Gear and Waterproof Camera...Or I will just stay home... :sweat: I would have been better off doing this Hike the Day before, when there was a 10% Chance of Rain... [-( I had enough Sense to take most of the Rain Gear, but it still wasn't enough....A lot of Cool missed Photo Ops on this Day as well...That won't happen again either. Just more Weight in the Pack for those "possibly" Rainy Days.... ;)

Another Day in the Books, but certainly not my Best....But, I rarely let anything kick my :pk: permanently...I will go back and I know it will be good... ;)

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