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Upper Road Canyon
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mini location map2015-04-28
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Upper Road CanyonSoutheast, UT
Southeast, UT
Hiking avatar Apr 28 2015
Hiking6.00 Miles 600 AEG
Hiking6.00 Miles   3 Hrs   30 Mns   1.71 mph
600 ft AEG
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Returning from Moonhouse, I was ready for more. I had scouted Cigarette Springs Road earlier for rental car access, so I made a beeline for my pre-selected parking spot and campsite near the Upper Road Canyon TH. It didn't seem much like backpacking, but it sure is convenient to camp right out of the car.

I loafed all afternoon, watching the sun march traverse the sky from the canyon rim. That night, I couldn't stay awake long enough to read any of my book, but I was ready to go at sunrise.

I didn't know what to expect apart from the Fallen Roof ruin, so I enjoyed the other surprises in the upper canyon. Returning by 11:00 am, I had plenty of time for the next leg, a brief jaunt further down ...

(Photos now in. By the way, there were plenty of Claret Cups I didn't photograph.
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