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Seven Kivas - Cedar Mesa
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mini location map2015-04-29
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Seven Kivas - Cedar MesaSoutheast, UT
Southeast, UT
Hiking avatar Apr 29 2015
Hiking7.50 Miles 1,000 AEG
Hiking7.50 Miles   5 Hrs      1.50 mph
1,000 ft AEG
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1st trip
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After a long day at Fallen Roof and the Citadel, I still wasn't done with Road Canyon. Seven Kivas awaited below for the next day. First I had to hike back to the stashed car and reclaim my campsite up the road. Too late. Somebody beat me to it, but there was another good site there, and I sort of liked the idea of having people around. After switching maps and downing a bunch of Gatorade, I spent the last hour of daylight exploring a wash that will eventually connect Road Canyon to Lime Canyon. (That accounts for the first few photos in this set).

After a twilight meal and a death-like sleep, the sun rose and I rushed off to my slickrock parking spot and the roadwalk to the TH, which accounts for some of the extra miles and AEG. Almost 700 feet of the AEG happens in the first quarter mile, which is a scrambly but well-marked drop from the rim that would be pretty easy for a two-pound rock that doesn't care about its knees. The ruin is a little farther down-canyon than my info led me to believe, so I spent an extra half hour climbing around looking in the wrong (but interesting) places.

The ruin finally came into view, just as I was positive I'd gone too far. I dropped my pack and took scores of pictures. The battery was near depletion and dust coated the lens, but I must have done something else that messed up most of them, so you'll be spared photo overkill.

After absorbing every possible detail, I continued down-canyon about a mile to petroglyph panel I had read about. It covers one side of a large boulder that sits above a plunge pool that's deeply carved enough to get permanent shade. It may have been reliable year-round.

After lunch in the shade of an overhanging ledge, I headed back up-canyon, which was starting to get pretty warm. Between the heat and the hurry, I started running out of steam. Fortunately, a little bit short of the exit, there's a cool, green, shady area filled with what looks like horsetails. I plopped down and took a short nap, possibly without snoring or drooling. In half an hour, I was fully refreshed, enabling me to scramble up the wall 15 minutes faster than I had come down. I took another break on the rim, letting the wind cool and dry me before finished the road walk to the car.

There was still time left in this day, so it's off the next site ...
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