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The Citadel, UT
mini location map2015-04-28
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The Citadel, UT 
The Citadel, UT
Hiking avatar Apr 28 2015
Hiking8.00 Miles 700 AEG
Hiking8.00 Miles   6 Hrs      1.33 mph
700 ft AEG
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There was plenty of time left after visiting Upper Road Canyon, so I moved the rental car to a convenient spot before the road turned awful, and did the dusty road-walk to the Seven Kivas TH, but that wasn't my real destination. Turning east, another trail follows the canyon rim to a sort of peninsula that tapers into a catwalk, which leads to the iconic Citadel.

The mileage and elevation change is approximate from where I parked, along with some other wandering. What is even more poorly quantified is how hard I had to push down my fears before I could sidehill the steep slickrock to reach the catwalk. The way forward isn't entirely obvious and it felt like surrendering my entire safety margin a step at a time as I approached the abyss. The slope isn't absurdly steep, but it's enough that losing your grip would start an unstoppable slide. Less timid visitors are probably laughing at this characterization. (It was a lot less scary coming back, but then I knew where I was going).

The catwalk has remains of two well-spaced walls across it, one of which is at a place that was something of a puzzle to get past. Reaching the ruin itself is far more of a puzzle. I spent half an hour figuring it out and scared myself a few more times, but it seemed worthwhile at the time. Hopefully the pictures will show why.
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