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Mule Canyon Towers, UT
mini location map2015-04-29
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Mule Canyon Towers, UT 
Mule Canyon Towers, UT
Hiking avatar Apr 29 2015
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This complex sits at the western head of what some maps call Lower Mule Canyon, which is a mile south of a gated entrance on Hwy 95. The more well-known North and South Forks of Mule Canyon feed into the eastern head of Lower Mule Canyon about a mile farther east.

The complex sits on what appears to be Utah State Land. It consists of the remains of seven round towers (or thereabouts) an enclosed area, and some walls extending down into the canyon that appear to function as fortifications. Towers sit on both rims, with the larger complex on the north. They provide clear views of Comb Ridge and Lower Mule Canyon to the south and east, as well as Cedar Mesa to the north and west. There are also a number of large ruins under the north rim that the towers seem to protect. There are several blocking walls between the canyon head and the ruins. There may be also be ruins under the south rim. There are also campsites and a fenced-in gravesite nearby.

I was hot and tired when I arrived, since the rough road forced me park a mile off and hike the slickrock under the afternoon sun. I was preceded by a couple on mountain bikes who must have been camping nearby. They ate lunch at the south towers, while I snapped photos on the north. After we switched sides, I realized that they must have stashed one or two of those sun showers in the north tower, because I heard a prolonged dumping of water onto the slick rock. Then I saw water draining out of the ruin into the canyon. They were taking a shower inside the ruin itself :o . Although I was appalled, I couldn't help being amused, because a very clean-cut family with many small children was approaching, and they turned toward the north towers before I could get close enough to warn either party of their impending convergence.

My camera was still acting up, so I didn't get as many shots here as I should.

Photos are now in. I wish more of the northern towers were usable. There's more left of them than these pics suggest. When I go back, I'll visit the ledges under the north rim.
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