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The Comb - Monarch Cave
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mini location map2015-05-01
33 by photographer avatarbig_load
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The Comb - Monarch CaveSoutheast, UT
Southeast, UT
Hiking1.60 Miles 175 AEG
Hiking1.60 Miles   2 Hrs   30 Mns   0.64 mph
175 ft AEG
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After a night of town food, hot tub, and hotel comfort, I was ready for one last ruin. This was unfinished business, since Mrs. big_load and were here one cold, windy day last November. I hadn't known that there was a track posted on HAZ, so we wound up in the wrong little canyon, then climbed up on the ridge high enough to see the ruins. I just couldn't find a short way down, and daylight was waning.

I still didn't have the track this time. I knew exactly where to go, but I wasn't starting from the commonly-used TH, so there was still some wandering. Eventually I found the beaten path, which led quickly to the head of the canyon. The first thing visible are some minor wall remains, which led me to what I found most interesting: an enormous but quite weathered petroglyph panel. The density is low compared to some others, but the length from one end to the other is unbelievable. I spent half an hour studying it.

Following the rock art, I eventually got within sight of the ruin. I was astonished to discover that what I had seen from above last fall was just a little side complex. The main complex was much larger than I had heard. There was all kinds of great stuff to see, including many pictographs (some in turquoise!) and metates. Unfortunately, there were also flocks of people approaching. The first guy was another wiry desert rat from New Mexico. We had a pleasant conversation and life remained wonderful, but the next group were town people wearing town clothes and town shoes. They didn't seem to know much about what they were looking at, so I pointed out a few things. They liked stone walls, but didn't care much about petroglyphs, metates or turquise pictographs, so I knew it was time to leave.

After I got back to the car, it was time to clean up and change back into my own town clothes and town shoes. Traffic was building up on Butler Wash Road and vacation was just about over. :(

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