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Tortilla Super Loop
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Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking May 05 2007
Hiking24.30 Miles 3,500 AEG
Hiking24.30 Miles   11 Hrs      2.21 mph
3,500 ft AEG
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I decided to take advantage of a cool day with a nice breeze and hike the superstitions one more time before the heat rolls in. The weather was perfect. Since I was in a car I parked at the end of FR213 and hiked the 3.1 miles in to the JF trailhead. The trail is lightly used but was easy enough to follow. A few times I got off trail but after backing up a few feet the route was easy to find. The Hoolie Bacon Trail starts about .8 miles from the JF TH and the intersection is marked with signs. The trail gradually gains elevation as it winds through the desert. I saw two white tailed deer but was unable to get photos as they pranced off and stopped it the distance to look back. I did a little side trip into the north end of Trap Canyon but turned back when the bouldering got tricky. I continued on to the Red Tanks trail and headed around Herman's mountain into Upper LaBarge Box. The saguaros are tall and the terrain is wild. I took another side trip up to Hermans Cave and then back down the Red Tanks trail to the Dutchman Trail. Once on the Dutcman trail I decied to check out LaBarge spring which was flowing and the trough was full. I noticed a friendly diamond back as I realized I was just previously standing right next to it but it never rattled or seemed upset in anyway. I took a few photos and left the spring. I pasted the intersection with Peters trail and went into Charlebois Canyon for a look around. I was running out of steam so I cut this trip short and headed back to Peters trail. Once on Peters Mesa the turn around seemed too familiar so I back tracked just to make sure I was on the right trail. The trails were in decent shape and the bush was fairly tame. I wore long pants and sleeves so my wounds were very light. The side trips and road hiking added about 8.2 miles to my route. I was glad to finally make it to FR213 and finish the last 3.1 miles back to the car.
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