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Udall Park Benchmarks, AZ
mini location map2015-09-23
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Udall Park Benchmarks, AZ 
Udall Park Benchmarks, AZ
Walk / Tour avatar Sep 23 2015
Walk / Tour0.58 Miles 6 AEG
Walk / Tour0.58 Miles      30 Mns   2.05 mph
6 ft AEG      13 Mns Break
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At one time the US Coastal & Geodetic Survey had a magnetic and seismic research station in Tucson, established in the early last century. In the 1990s, the site was abandoned by the USCGS and turned over to the city of Tucson. The 15 buildings fell into disrepair while the city struggled to determine what to do with the site. In 2007, the city had planned to save 5 of the buildings, but a contractor sent out to the site ended demolishing all but 3. The remaining buildings stand behind a fence, waiting for something to happen.

The buildings were constructed almost without any metal, using wood and adobe. Any metal used was aluminum, being non-magnetic.

I had a few minutes today, so I thought I would hunt for any of the benchmarks that might be left from those early days from the establishment and survey work done by the observatory. My cursory research showed that at one time there was least 5 benchmarks associated with the observatory. 3 apparently were destroyed during the aforementioned demolition, but the other two are in pristine shape. Of particular interest is the one marked by a triangle and labeled "Magnetic" on topo maps - sure enough, the benchmark is embedded in a rather larger triangular piece of concrete. This one is actually marked "TUCSON CAMERA" on the brass disc.

N 32° 14.774 W 110° 50.102

N 32° 14.775 W 110° 50.256

CZ1828 MAGNETIC RM A destroyed
N 32° 14.778 W 110° 50.233

CZ1827 MAGENTIC RM 2 destroyed
N 32° 14.771 W 110° 50.248
Concrete remains found?

CZ1826 MAGNETIC destroyed
N 32° 14.771 W 110° 50.265
portion of base remains?

COMMENT: This trip report could possibly have been labeled "Urban Exploration"
Azimuth Mark Benchmark
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