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Mesa Village Park, AZ
mini location map2015-05-20
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Mesa Village Park, AZ 
Mesa Village Park, AZ
Birding avatar May 20 2015
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Mesa Village Park is a small (6 acres?) neighborhood park on the eastside of Tucson, in the middle of the section bounded by Broadway, Wilmot, 22nd, and Craycroft. It seems to attract an abundant and wide variety of birds because of the variety of trees present: mesquite, cottonwood, pine, and palo verde, as well as some shrubbery along the boundaries of the park. I sometimes stop here when I'm early for a nearby pick up, and walk in the park to get a few steps in while I have a chance. I'm trying to enhance my birding skills, and on a previous visit I had noticed a few interesting birds, but I was sans binoculars. I came back this morning to specifically spend a little time here to observe and relax. Of particular note were a pair of male Vermillion flycatchers, and a Cooper's hawk that was harassed by several smaller birds.
Cooper's Hawk
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