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Madera Canyon & Tubac, AZ
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Madera Canyon & Tubac, AZ 
Madera Canyon & Tubac, AZ
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Scenic Drive135.80 Miles   6 Hrs      22.63 mph
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A free afternoon presented itself, so my wife and I jumped in the truck and headed out for a little local exploration. We've been in Southern Arizona for 11 years and we've never been to Madera Canyon. :( After driving through the pecan groves of Sahuarita and Green Valley along Nogales Highway, we headed up White House Road into the canyon. On such a beautiful, somewhat mild day, with scattered clouds and some showers throughout the Tucson Basin and Santa Cruz Valley, we were surprised by the lack of people in the canyon. Almost all the parking lots were empty. The campground was full, but other than that, the canyon was devoid of people. We stopped at the Santa Rita Lodge to check out the gift shop, ask about accommodations, and watch birds at the viewing area. There were hummingbirds galore, Mexican jays, acorn woodpeckers, doves, and various wrens, finches, and swallows (I've posted one picture of an unidentified bird (perhaps a female summer tanager?), maybe someone can identify it for me).

After loitering for some time at a couple of the interpretive signboards, we headed down to Tubac to enjoy dinner at Elvira's. I had eaten lunch there a few years ago, and my wife has never been there. All the tables inside were reserved so we ate outside on the small patio area. The evening was quite pleasant by that time. The Filet San Mateo I ordered was one of the best pieces of meat I've ever had - tender, flavorful, without being overwhelmed by the 5-spice sauce it was covered in. Eloise had the shrimp in a cheese and spice sauce which she thoroughly enjoyed.

From there, we headed back home to the eastside of Tucson, eagerly anticipating another visit to Madera Canyon in the near future.
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